Morning Glory Chinese

Morning glory is extremely popular in Thailand and is the go-to simple stir-fry vegetable dish at home, restaurants or China Town. Morning glory has light green ovate leaves, hollow stems and rooting at nodes. Both the leaves and the stems can be eaten, and generally only the top 20-25cm are consumed as the lower portions are more fibrous and harder to chew. Young shoots can be eaten raw, often served cold on the side to accompany spicy dishes, or cooked together with other meats and vegtebles in a hot pot. Morning glory is a good source of amino acids, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, B, C, carotenoid and glutathione. It is known to help with insomnia, anaemia, liver detoxification, diabetes during pregnancy, constipation, weight loss, cholesterol level, cardiovascular system, and improve eyesight. Chinene morning glory is grown in moist, nutrient-rich soil. Compared to the Thai variety, the stems and leaves of the Chinese variety are smaller and more tender.