Chilli Small Red

Our red chilli is of the Super Hot variety and has a Scoville Heat Unit of 50,000-100,000! This long and skinny chilli packs intense heat even when dried. An essential ingredient to any kitchen looking to cook exotic Asian food, the Thais usually toss crushed chillies in to a wok of heated oil and chopped garlic first to draw out the aroma and spiciness before adding the meat or vegetables. The chillies can be added to any curries, stir-fries, chilli paste, or used to make the famous Phrik Nam Pla – chilli in fish sauce condiment – to be served on the side. Chilli contains a compound called capsaicin that helps to boost metabolism, burn calories and fight inflammation. It is also rich in Vitamin C, and to make sure that you get the full dose, we make sure that our chillies are handpicked when they are bright red in colour and fully matured so that the Vitamin level is at its peak!